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How are Young People Criminally Exploited?

Exploiters use four main ways to CRIMINALly  exploit young people:

Friends / Food

When young people are offered friendship, days out and the chance to be part of a group, they may not know they are being used. They may think the exploiters care about them and will help them. Rather than confronting them, parents and carers may want to try encouraging their child to think about what they have to do in return for this ‘friendship’.

Finance / Fear

Young people may believe this is the only way they can earn money to support themselves. Quite often they only realise they are being used when it is too late. They are threatened or subjected to violence. They may feel  afraid, responsible or ashamed.

Young people are never responsible for being criminally exploited.

They are victims of more powerful individuals or groups who are skilled in tricking and deceiving young people to force them into crime. Exploiters hide behind young people.

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